Redstone Properties

About Redstone Properties, LLC

Redstone Properties has a network of regional offices across the United States managed by experienced land development and sales professionals. These offices work locally to:

  • Evaluate and purchase parcels
  • Obtain approvals & entitlements
  • Design and construct roads, entrances, amenities, etc.
  • Sell properties
  • Work with national and regional banks to provide low down payment financing

The Redstone Advantage

Redstone Properties, Inc. is a land development company based in Williamstown, MA. Our principals have over 30 years of experience in the land business and a passion for helping people achieve the American Dream of land ownership. Since its inception, Redstone has helped thousands of people to own their dream property. We offer land for sale across the United States.

  • Warranty Deed
    You will receive a Warranty Deed at closing. A Warranty Deed is simply the best type of deed available. It means we guarantee that your property is free of any liens or other encumbrances. Furthermore, if there is ever any sort of unforeseen title dispute, Redstone Properties takes full responsibility to defend your title to the property.
  • Title Insurance Guarantee
    A qualified title examiner has evaluated the title history of your parcel and title insurance or its equivalent is available to you from a title insurance company or attorney. We guarantee that your parcel has marketable title and is free from any liens or encumbrances that would interfere with your ability to use and enjoy your land.
  • Soils Guarantee
    For properties that are not served by a municipal or community sewage system, the soils were evaluated by either the local Health Department or a qualified soils scientist for the purpose of determining the soils’ suitability for an onsite septic system. If you are unable to obtain a permit for a septic system on your parcel, we will refund your purchase.
  • Survey
    A detailed survey of your property was performed by a licensed land surveyor. You will receive a copy of the survey to assure you that you are getting the exact parcel (boundaries, acreage, and location) that you are contracting to purchase.
  • Property Information Statement
    A detailed Property Information Statement (PIS) is provided to you before you sign your contract. The PIS provides full disclosure to you about your purchase and is a valuable resource for answering questions about closing costs, building guidelines, use restrictions, utility costs, taxes, and other important aspects of your property.
  • “Buildability” Guarantee
    Redstone Properties guarantees that your property meets all regulatory requirements at the time of purchase in order for a building permit to be issued. If a building permit cannot be issued in compliance with such regulations, we will refund your purchase.